Social Media Marketing

Without a doubt one of the best ways to promote a new product or event. With a marketing campaign on social media you will be able, through paid advertisement, to grow your audience and increase your sales. Another important thing is that you can keep connected and interact with your customer, creating the humanization element. This makes your conversion rate great because people like to make business with other people not with companies. That’s why Social Media Marketing works so well; Users don’t see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube as an advertisement channel and that makes them even more receptive to any kind of marketing on these platforms.

When starting a social media campaign we need first to set up the strategy. Because of this our team will study and analyze your business model, audience and competitor in order to decide what is our focus and what is the best strategy for your business. After this we will set a goal and develop the campaign strategy as well as the marketing content. Once everything is settled and the ads are running, we will carefully analyze the data. Having a comprehensive data analysis give us enough information to know where we need to scale what is doing well or fix what is going badly.

As always, our agency prioritizes the fast and clear communication with the client who hired us. That being said, you will have free access to the teams in charge of your project.

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Cold Leads

What Team We Need To Accomplish Our Goal

Marketing Team

Design & Development

Content Producer Team

All Your Digital Marketing Needs In One Place

These are some services that work great together and we recommend as complements for your SMM Campaign!

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Search Engine Optimization
Increase your website organic traffic. Be on Google’s first page.
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Pay-Per-Click Campaign
Get more customers through high targeted paid ads on search engines.
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Reputation Management
Encourage customer’s reviews and spread the word-of-mouth.