Reputation Management

Reputation Management is one of the most important things recently for serious business. Once you don’t care about your online reputation you might be losing a huge amount of potential clients. These days one single bad review is enough to take down something you spent years investing your time on. According to a Convergys Corp. Study, a single negative review can make you lose on average 30 customers. Based on another study, from 2011, 80% of respondents said that negative online information made them change their mind about purchasing that product or service they were looking for. That’s why havinga good reputation is good and even more important in situations like closing a business deal, networking, attracting new clients, comparison shopping, customer search for review of your product and more.

Now that you know how important reputation management is, it’s time to understand how we going to work with your business. First, we need to study your business and your audience. Then, we need to understand why your review is bad and how it got there. It could be a fake review, one time misunderstanding or even a recurring business mistake that our team will analyze and create the best strategy to fix the problem at hand. Through our nudging strategy we will try to remove bad reviews and encourage good ones. After this, we will put effort into managing and analyzing the projects data and results to make sure that we are doing great. As well as helping your business to spread the word of mouth.

The most important thing that we preserve in our agency is transparency. We value and guarantee clear and fast access for the client to our team working on your project. We will designate one manager for your project and you will have access to contact and discuss with them whenever you want.

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What Team We Need To Accomplish Our Goal

Marketing Team

Design & Development

Content Producer Team

All Your Digital Marketing Needs In One Place

These are some services that work great together and we recommend as complements for your Reputation Management Campaign!

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