Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Pay-Per-Click is probably one of the oldest digital marketing methods in existence. It may be old, but not outdated. That method still worksreally well these days. Even though Google Adwords is the biggest out there, Bing Ads still have their benefits. With a PPC campaign combined with great inbound marketing and SEO you can achieve amazing results. The biggest mistake of local business is either not trying any digital marketing campaign or trying to do it by themselves without knowing what they are doing instead of hiring a professional to handle that. It looks very simple with tons of tutorials out there, but doing it that way will only make you waste your time and money. Setting up a good PPC Campaign is more about studying your customers and competitor that only know how to set up ads. You need to have a goal and your focus should be on attracting demand (inbound marketing) than creating demand (outbound marketing). Knowing your business and customers is just as important as those concepts I mentioned earlier. Based on that knowledge you will be able to set up high targeted ads and get more customers.

Working with a PPC Campaign we usually follow some steps. The first one is to research and analyze your business, audience and competitor. That information gives us enough foundation to understand your case and make the best decision in order to have a great campaign and optimize your sales. After that, we will use the information to research keywords, develop a landing page and set up your ad optimization. Through this targeting process we will make sure you will get high quality lead from ads. Once we have this done, we will keep analyzing and monitoring the data in order to make sure it continues to be optimized perfectly.

As soon as we start your project we will designate the project manager. We will make everything possible for you to have fast and easy access to them and easily receive information about your project. We really believe that transparency with clients is one of the most important things and a clear communication is crucial.

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What Team We Need To Accomplish Our Goal

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All Your Digital Marketing Needs In One Place

These are some services that work great together and we recommend as complements for your Reputation Management Campaign!

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Search Engine Optimization
Increase your website organic traffic. Be on Google’s first page.
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Reputation Management
Encourage customer’s reviews and spread the word-of-mouth.
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Social Media Marketing
Grow your audience. Get connected with your customers.