Project details

  • CLIENT:  Killing Spree Gaming E-Commerce
  • DATA STARTED:  Jun 12, 2017
  • DATE ENDED:  Jun 27, 2017
  • CATEGORY:  Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Our Goal

We had the challenge of helping a new gaming merchandise store begin selling their products. We started the process June 12th. First, we had to establish what Social Media would be the best for this business model. We chose to use Facebook Ads. Our goal was to generate at least $1000 in sales up until June 25th. They were a new store with around 10 orders done when we were hired and through ads we helped sell their merchandise as much as possible in a short period of time.

The Process

In this projects we had many challenges. The first one was the short amount of time to do everything. So first, we did an in-depth analysis of what their audience would be. After the information was acquired, we had to create and run high targeted Facebook Ads. At the beginning in order to validate our audience analyses we had to create some tests with different ads and audiences. After we got what we wanted from these tests, we invested all of our time into what was working and got rid of what didn’t.


It was a very challenging project, but we got quite impressive results. On the first day while testing ads (06/19), we landed 14 orders that resulted in $144,85 in sales. Two days later (06/21), we felt confident enough with our tests results and decided to invest our client’s marketing budget throughout three days.  From 06/21 until 06/23 we got 224 orders and more than $3000 in sales. We finished our contract on 06/27. Our total result was 403 orders and $5871 in sales. We also received over 1600 email listing subscribers and +500 unique likes on Facebook.